Nike has been the main sponsor of Maria Sharapova over the last 8 years. The tennis player has been wearing tennis shoes and dresses provided by Nike in most of her career. It is estimated that over the last 8 years, Nike has spent around 7 billion dollars in supporting her and providing shoes and dresses. Maria is one of the most paid female athletes sponsored by Nike.

She had been sponsored by Nike sportswear and a couple of companies before a 2-years drug ban. Nike had seen potential in her and that’s why it decided to sponsor her. After the tennis player revealed that she had tested positive in a drug test, Nike and other sponsors withdrew their sponsorship. She failed a drug test and was eliminated from the competition by the International Tennis Federation in the Australia opens. Nike, Maria’s main sponsor said that it had put its operation on hold as the investigations go on.

After the International Tennis Federation concluded their investigation, they gave a report which stated that Maria Sharapova did not intentionally break the drug rules. Based on this report Maria’s main sponsor Nike said that they were satisfied with the report and said that Maria made an honest mistake and they would continue to offer support to her.

Nike sportswear have been partnering with Maria Sharapova over the last 8 years at an estimated cost of over seven billion dollars. Due to her excellent performance in athlete, Nike says that Maria is an excellent choice to promote their sportswear products. During the event, she wore tennis shoes and dress provided by Nike which is her main sponsor. Being the most paid woman athlete, Maria Sharapova continues to perform as an excellent tennis pro. After she appealed the ban in court, Maria Sharapova was featured in the US opens. She wore Nike sportswear which confirmed that she was right back on track with Nike. In the US open, she faced Simona Halep in the first round. She beat Simona Halep (6-4), (4-6) and (6-3). This made her won and she advanced to the second round. It is important to note that this was her first game from the ban. To Nike, this win was very important since it proved to them that Maria was still in excellent form.