1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is an American female professional tennis player who has been ranked as nor1. From 2002 – 2017 by the Women’s tennis association. She is the only woman who has tried to break a record set by Steffi Graff for the most consecutive wins in the history of women’s tennis. She has a grand slam title record of 39 making her third on the list of all time record holders. She has recently gained popularity and perhaps becoming the most searched tennis women player in most search engines due to her recent victory in WTA Auckland open and the US open. On January 28th, she won the Australian open by defeating her sister Venus Williams. What has increased popularity is by announcing that she was 8 weeks pregnant after she won the Australian Open.

2. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova, tennis player, participated in the tennis opens held in the US. During the event, she wore shoes and dress provided by Nike which is her main sponsor. Maria won by beating Simona Halep in two of the three sets. She won with an aggregate record of 7-0 against her closest opponent Simona Halep. This win made her progress to the second round. She has also gained popularity especially when she was found with doping issues. She failed a drug test and was eliminated from the competition by the International Tennis Federation in the Australia opens. Nike, Maria’s main sponsor said that it had put its operation on hold as the investigations go on.

After the International Tennis Federation concluded their investigation, they gave a report which stated that Maria Sharapova did not intentionally break the drug rules. Based on this report Maria’s main sponsor Nike said that they were satisfied with the report and said that Maria made an honest mistake and they would continue to offer support to her.

3. Simona Halep

Simona Halep is a Romanian tennis player who was ranked 3rd by Women’s International Tennis federation in 2017. However, she was beaten by Maria Sharapova during the US tennis opens. She is said to be an aggressive baseline player whose favorite playing style is serve. She is one of the most paid female athletes with a number of key sponsors. Currently her clothing is provided by Addidas, her shoes provided by Nike and her apparel provided by Lacoste. She has won the US open twice the recent being in the 2015 US open.

4. Venus Williams

Venus Williams is an American professional tennis player and a sister to the tennis champion Serena Williams. She has been ranked 4th by the Women’s International Tennis Federation. She has gained popularity and become one of the most searched women tennis professionals after winning the 2017 French tennis opens. She has also gained popularity among fans due to the alleged rivalry between her and Serena Williams.

5. Flavia Pennetta

This is another women’s tennis player who has rocked the internet to be among the most searched women tennis player in 2017. She is an Italian tennis profession who has won several tennis matches. She has gained popularity and appeared in most search engines due to the recent birth of her child.