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Australian Open

Roger Federer And the 20th Grand Slam title goes to Roger Federer. Yes the champion did it again by defeating Marin Cilic in the final of Australian Open. The title made the count to 20 for grand slam singles and simultaneously sixth Australian Open singles title. After consecutive defeats for four years, last year only the winning streak got started. The Australian Open final match was spectacular to watch as.. Read More

Similarities Between Squash and Tennis

Squash is a game that came out from tennis. Tennis is a game which is played which is played when the players are separated by the net and usually it is played outside where as squash is a game that is played inside a four roomed place and it is played by throwing the ball unto the wall. Squash and tennis have differences and similarities. Listed below are some of.. Read More

Top 5 Most Searched Women Tennis Players in 2017

1. Serena Williams Serena Williams is an American female professional tennis player who has been ranked as nor1. From 2002 – 2017 by the Women’s tennis association. She is the only woman who has tried to break a record set by Steffi Graff for the most consecutive wins in the history of women’s tennis. She has a grand slam title record of 39 making her third on the list of.. Read More

Nike to Continue Maria Sharapova Sponsorship

Nike has been the main sponsor of Maria Sharapova over the last 8 years. The tennis player has been wearing tennis shoes and dresses provided by Nike in most of her career. It is estimated that over the last 8 years, Nike has spent around 7 billion dollars in supporting her and providing shoes and dresses. Maria is one of the most paid female athletes sponsored by Nike. She had.. Read More

Fashionable Sharapova’s French Open 2014 Trophy Photo-shoot

  Question: What happens when women’s tennis most glamorous player wins her second French Open title at the fashion capital of the world? Answer: An equally glamorous fashion shoot with the trophy ensues. This is what happened on Sunday as Maria Sharapova stunned at the traditional champions trophy photo-shoot at the Trocadéro, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Photos are found here at this link.

Men’s Tennis Career Prize Money Leaders – 2014 Updates

May/June 2014 UPDATE: Nadal closes in on Roger Federer Spanish world #1 continues to close in Roger Federer’s lead on men’s tennis career prize money leaders list. By reaching the finals at the 2014 French Open, Nadal is assured of at winning at least 750,000 euros. The current gap between Federer and Nadal is around $13 million. Novak Djokovic, also a 2014 French Open finalist along with Nadal is currently.. Read More