Squash is a game that came out from tennis. Tennis is a game which is played which is played when the players are separated by the net and usually it is played outside where as squash is a game that is played inside a four roomed place and it is played by throwing the ball unto the wall. Squash and tennis have differences and similarities.

tennis racquet

Listed below are some of the similar facts between squash and tennis:

  • Use of Ball.

One of the similar facts between squash and tennis is that both of the games require a ball to be played. For these two games to be able to be termed as a game then the availability of a ball should be assured. There will be absolutely no game if there is no ball. The key factor to these two games then is the ball.

  • Availability of Two Players.

For the success of this two games squash and tennis then we must have two competing players known as the opponents. The two sides will be competing with the use of the ball. In these two games then we can have a single or double players who should be competing.

  • Separating Line.

There is always a line to separate the playing opponents. This is one of the similarities that the opponents should be on the opposite side and a line separating them which is between them. The players play when they are directing facing each other but trying to challenge their opponents in terms of hitting the ball.

  • Played by both sex.

Squash is like tennis for both women and men can take place. There are no gender limitations in both games in these two games. These two games are open for the two genders
that makes tennis and squash games similar to each other.

For one to find the suitable and the best shoes for a certain game is quite a hard task. It is difficult to know which pair of shoes is fit for a given kind of game. Every kind of sport has its own demands in relation to the shoes. When shopping for squash shoes then you have to put into consideration about your weight, fitness and also the grip, then the shoes must not be marked that is a taboo to all games that are usually played indoors. The following are some of the recommended squash shoes;


Saxon SX900 – Theseare the best shoes that are used to play most of the indoor games. They are made and designed in Germany. They consist of light weight and an excellent kind of grip. Using these shoes then you are of success. They last long so you will not regret on the amount spend in purchasing them.


salming viper 3.0

Salming Viper 3.0 – it is designed in a way that you are ensured of speed in indoor games like the squash. It is designedin an improved technology that you cannot afford to play without. It is made in a way that you are able to move in different directions because you have a stable foot.

Squash and tennis are similar games that are both recreational and sports.